Colombia 2019

Origin Approach: Colombia 2019: cancelled

  • Location: Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia, Colombia
  • Dates: tba
  • Cost: €700 (excludes airfare)
  • Topics: Cultivars, processing, producer-level economics…
  • Activities: 10 lectures/panels, 7 cupping sessions, 3 field trips, 2 social events
  • Participants: maximum of 30

Ever wanted to go on an origin trip?

This event brings together roasters, retailers, producers and local coffee scientists. Learn from experts on the latest trends on how specialty coffee is produced, processed and traded in Colombia. The event is organized with a mix of lectures, cuppings, field trips, panel discussions, and practical activities. Topics such as cultivars coffee processing and production, economics at producer level and sustainability will be covered… with a focus on the Colombian context.

We believe a smart and creative way to foster our industry and community is through experiences and education about sustainable quality production and supply chain. That’s why we have created a space to talk, cup and discuss to raise awareness of our actions and the impact we make as actors in this industry. And what better way is there than to experience this together with producers and experts in origin.

Some topics we will cover are:

  • Colombia’s coffee sector: history, evolution, coffee regions, supply chain.
  • Genetic improvement and selection of varieties for improve leaf rust resistance, cup profile and yield.
  • Coffee and Climate change
  • Improvements in the coffee processing: less consumption/energy and water
  • Market: pricing of coffee
  • Coffee consumption in Colombia: status of specialty coffee and traditional consumption
  • Current productivity and quality opportunities for Colombia


We recommend that you get to Medellin on or before September 8th. We will meet at 07.00 September 9th in Medellin to travel together to Bolivar, Antioquia. On Saturday 14th we will travel together back to Medellin.

TimeMonday, September 9, 2019Tuesday, September 10, 2019Wednesday, September 11, 2019Thursday, September 12, 2019Friday, September 13, 2019
06:00Get ready for dayGet ready for dayGet ready for dayGet ready for day
07:00Meet in MedellinBreakfastBreakfastBreakfastBreakfast
08:00Travel to Cuidad BolivarTravel to VENUETravel to VENUETravel to VENUETravel to farm
09:00Travel to Cuidad BolivarLecture #1 (40 min) and Q&A to introduce Colombia’s coffee sector: history, evolution. Lecture #4 (40 min) and Q&A on Coffee and Climate change.Lecture #6 (40 min) and Q&A: Latest research in coffee processing.Visit to Juan Farm
10:00Traditional BreakfastLecture #2 (40 min) and Q&A how the supply chain works (FCN, cooperatives, privates, intermediaries, milling, losses, grading etc).Lecture #5 (40 min) and Q&A on genetic improvement and selection of varieties for improve leaf rust resistance, cup profile and yield.Lecture #7 (40 min) and Q&A: Overview of operations at farmer installations and review of different processing.Visit to Juan Farm
11:00Travel to Cuidad BolivarPanel discussion #3 (20 min) and Q&A how coffee price is set. Cupping session #3Cupping session #4Visit to Juan Farm
12:00Travel to Cuidad BolivarLunchLunchLunchVisit to Juan Farm
13:00Visit to Farm Cupping session #1Travel to farmLecture #8 (40 min) and Q&A: Improvements at the Juan’s farm.Lunch
14:00Visit to Farm Cupping #2 and FFT presentation Horse ride and field tripCupping session #5Travel to Bolivar
15:00LunchFree timeHorse ride and field tripLecture #9 (40 min) and Q&A Innovation in different processing methodsCupping #7 and Azahar presentation
16:00Travel to Cuidad BolivarGo to hotel + Guided City tour.Horse ride and field tripCupping #6 and Inconexus presentation Discussion: farmers, exporters and roasters.
17:00Check-in at Go to hotel + Guided City tour.Horse ride and field tripFree timeCurate some presentations from roasters to the farmers etc.
18:00Free timeFree timeFree timeFree timeFree time
19:00Dinner: Introduction nd cultural event DinnerDinnerDinnerCultural event
20:00Dinner: Introduction nd cultural event DinnerDinnerDinnerDinner/party
21:00Free timeFree timeFree timeFree timeDinner/party

Read more about Nordic Approach’s work in Colombia.


The Hotel

Hotel los Vitrales

Practical Information about Colombia

Conference location: Camara de Comercio de Medellin – Centro Empresarial Suroeste, Ciudad Bolivar, Antioquia

Airport: Medellin

Distance from airport to conference area: 4 hours (to be organised by us)

Currency: Colombian peso

Food: Local fresh food. Please let us know through email if you have any allergies ahead of time.

Timezone: UTC -5

Cellphone service:

Visa: remember to check with your country the Visa requirements to travel to Colombia.

Vaccine: check if you require to get any vaccine when traveling to Colombia.

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