11th of February:

11-feb.-18 Arrive in Costa Rica
11-feb.-18 9:00
Optional: Walk in city center to learn about coffee history and local specialty coffee culture in Costa Rica (3 hours)
11-feb.-18 14:00 Travel to Tarrazu region
11-feb.-18 17:00 Check-in at Cedrela Hotel
11-feb.-18 19:00 Dine and review overall program

12th of February:

12-feb.-18 7:00 Wake-up and have breakfast
12-feb.-18 8:00 Walk to the Finca Integral San Francisco (venue, ~3km away)
12-feb.-18 9:00 Learn about Costa Rica’s coffee sector: history, evolution, supply chain, micro mills
12-feb.-18 9:30 Cup different coffees from the micro mills in Costa Rica
12-feb.-18 10:30 Learn about genetic improvement and selection of varieties for improve leaf rust resistance, cup profile and yield.
12-feb.-18 12:00 Lunch at Finca Integral San Francisco (venue)
12-feb.-18 13:00 Learn about balanced nutrition in the field that is tested in the cup
12-feb.-18 14:00 Travel to coffee farm (Santa Teresa, Don Eli, La Montana)
12-feb.-18 15:00 Visit a coffee farm
12-feb.-18 17:00 Travel to Finca Integral San Francisco (venue)
12-feb.-18 18:00 Taste local, coffee-infused beers and informal Q&A (sponsored by Yara)
12-feb.-18 19:00 Dine BBQ at venue (sponsored by Yara)
12-feb.-18 21:00 Travel to hotel

13th of February:

13-feb.-18 7:00 Wake-up and have breakfast
13-feb.-18 8:00 Travel to Coopedota (farmer cooperative and large mill)
13-feb.-18 9:00 Learn about operations at a farmer cooperative and review different processing techniques
13-feb.-18 10:00 Cup coffees from different processes viewed in the Coopedota mill visit
13-feb.-18 11:00 Lunch (sponsored by Coopedota)
13-feb.-18 12:00 Travel from Coopedota to Tesoros (company that prepares coffee for export)
13-feb.-18 14:00 Learn about coffee defects using a crash course approach
13-feb.-18 15:00 Cup coffees to learn how to detect defects and grades
13-feb.-18 16:00 Optional Cupping
13-feb.-18 17:00 Taste local beers and informal Q&A Rodolfo presentation
13-feb.-18 18:00 Dine at Tesoros (sponsored by Tesoros)
13-feb.-18 20:00 Travel to hotel

14th of February:

14-feb.-18 7:00 Wake-up and have breakfast
14-feb.-18 8:00 Walk to the Finca Integral San Francisco (venue, ~3km away)
14-feb.-18 9:00 Learn about coffee storage
14-feb.-18 10:30 Learn about different cultivars and factors that affect the coffee taste profile.
14-feb.-18 11:00 Cup different cultivars
14-feb.-18 12:00 Lunch at Finca Integral San Francisco (venue)
14-feb.-18 13:30 Learn about challenges of producing Geisha at high altitudes
14-feb.-18 14:00 Learn about how an anaerobic fermentation process can impact the taste profile
14-feb.-18 15:00 Learn about new techniques for using less water in coffee processing without impacting coffee quality
14-feb.-18 15:30 Cup coffees that highlight topics discussed in previous 3 presentations
14-feb.-18 17:00 Conclude the event with summary remarks
14-feb.-18 18:00 Dine at Finca Integral San Francisco (venue)
14-feb.-18 20:00 Travel to hotel

15th of February:

15-feb.-18 8:00 Wake-up and have breakfast
15-feb.-18 9:00 Departure to San Jose